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AMR-35 (7.5mm MG & 13.2mm MG versions) x3

with 3 Renault AMR-35 with 7.5mm MG & 13.5mm MG options.

The Automitrailleuse de Reconnaissance (AMR), or Reconnaissance Armoured Car, is the opposite of the AMD.
Where as the AMD scouts far ahead of the army, tracking their advance, the AMR fights the covering battle in front of the French lines.

Their job is to force the enemy to deploy and launch an organised attack ahead of the main line of defence. This slows the enemy advance, buying more time for the infantry to dig in and prepare.

The main AMR is the Renault AMR-35, a light two-man tank found in the Regiments Dragons PortÚs. Platoon and section commanders used a version armed with a 7.5mm light machine-gun, backed up by a more cramped version with 13.2mm heavy machine-guns. As there were insufficient Renault AMR available, the one DLM used Hotchkiss H-39 cavalry tanks instead.

Blister contains three of each turret type and three 7.5mm MGs and 13.5mm MGs.

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AMR-35 (7.5mm MG & 13.2mm MG versions) x3
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