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Antenocitis Workshop: Eco Pangit (Fugli) x2

Eco-Cars Pangit City Car:

"Eco-Cars operate out of Orujo on Acontecimento and are known for producing reliable low-cost transport options for crowded towns and cities. The Pangit is a sturdy electric 2-person vehicle just big enough to get you & yours back & forth form the inner city with the minimum of cost.

Whilst not the most luxurious vehicles they are very reliable and, importantly, cheap which has led to them becoming exceptionally popular, and Eco-Cars have successfully marketed this and others of their range with a cheeky self-deprecating system of names adding to its anti-establishment appeal. "

The Pangit makes ideal cover for roadways and other open urban areas, just large enough to give partial cover to most of the new 3rd-Edition silhouettes.


32mm tall
34mm wide
55mm long

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Antenocitis Workshop: Eco Pangit (Fugli) x2
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