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Aquan Prime Guardian Shoal


Aquan strategies for waging planetary warfare have been adapted both from their peacetime colonisation methods and necessity with no need to find a clear landing site, Aquan ships typically head directly for a deep body of water close to their intended area of operation. Diving into the oceans of a planet from space makes the initial phase of an Aquan assault extremely difficult to resist. Once deep in water, troops and equipment may be gathered and deployed to objectives in a more leisurely manner protected from much enemy attention by a watery cloak.
To survive this shock, Aquan invasion ships are extremely tough even for their renowned cybernetic hulls and further protected with shielding to prevent atmospheric burnup. Being built to withstand these extreme forces and temperatures stands them in good stead to weather enemy attentions prior to achieving planetfall as well as afterwards. Aside from this their planetary assault ships are characteristically Aquan, with excellent speed, manoeuvrability and signature laser weapons.
Although the Antiarchi is a dedicated troop Frigate, the Limulus and Nectridea are frequently seen in other Aquan fleets the Limulus as a minelayer, the Nectridea serving on front lines where conventional carriers might otherwise be too exposed to enemy capital ship fire. Their unparalleled toughness and flexibility serves their reputation well, and many Aquan Admirals and Planetfall Generals will testify to that.
This boxed set ships with a booklet containing information on six fleet commanders. Included in the booklet is rules for invading planets and linking forces to the Firestorm Planetfall ground game, along with sample scenarios to get players started.
Contains: 1 Nectridea Class Carrier, 4 Limulus Class Assault Cruisers, 4 Antiarchi Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens, 2 Small SRS Tokens, 1 A5 scenery sheet and 1 A5 booklet. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Aquan Prime Guardian Shoal
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