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Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror (Expansion, engl.) Vorschau

An expansion for the FFG version of Arkham Horror.

Kevin Wilson, the designer, comments:

"The expansion is big. We had a lot of ideas we wanted to pack into it. There are around 330 cards, a small sub-board, a bunch of new monsters and such, 8 investigators, and 4 ancient ones. I don't want to go into too much detail this early, but the expansion will expand the location decks from 7 cards each to 14 cards each. Some encounters are repeated in the new set to keep from changing the odds of finding them, but the vast majority are new.

Also, the expansion will introduce mythos cards with "gate surges" on them. These work like normal gate openings except that they'll blow open a sealed gate, although the doom track does not advance when that happens. The more common a gate locations is in the mythos deck, the more gate surge cards it will have lurking in wait for it.

And yes, you'll be able to fight the Dunwich Horror. You won't want to, but if you let it sit around after it enters play, you'll be sorry...."


Arkham Horror - Dunwich Horror (Exp.) (engl.)


Kevin Wilson, Richard Launius


1 - 8


ca. 120 Minuten

Hersteller: Fantasy Flight Games

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Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror (Expansion, engl.)
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