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Banebrood Maldire Mongrels - Core Unit Box (dt.)


Interbreeding between subspecies of Banebrood is common and spawns hybrid degenerates known as Mongrels.

Living in abject squalor, their immune systems have developed to cope with most diseases, making them ideal carriers of virulent plagues with which they infect enemies with during melee.

They have poor melee skills, armor and defense, making them seemingly unattractive options but when used in large units boosted by action tokens from the warlord, ordered tactics and spells they are more than worth their points.

Speed is their primary advantage since their potential movement of 15 inches along with their 13-inch charge range means that they will likely have the initiative in melee.

1x Maldire Mongrels Leader
1x Maldire Mongrels Trooper 1
1x Maldire Mongrels Trooper 2
1x Maldire Mongrels Trooper 3
4x Round Plastic Bases (30mm)
1x Profile Card
12x Tokens (for cutting out)
These metal miniatures have a height of 40mm (head to toe), consist of several parts, and come unassembled and unpainted.
The plastic bases are blank and not textured.
Some modeling is required
These models are not a toy and are not suitable for children under the age of 12.

Hersteller: Megalith Games

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Banebrood Maldire Mongrels - Core Unit Box (dt.)
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