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Batman Miniature Game: Batman Arkham Origins

Over the years there have been many different versions of Batman and the Batman Miniatures Games has several of them to choose from to lead your crew. From Arkham City Batman to Frank Millers Batman, each is packed full of useful skills and gadgets to help you fight crime. Things like the Batcape, Batclaw, Batarangs, armour and reinforced gloves mean that he is capable of dealing with almost any situation or enemy that appears.

A Batman crew also has access to several Sidekicks. Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon and more. Each of these bring a different set of skills to your game and let you tailor your crew to specialise in any area you want.

The Henchman backup for the crew comes in the form of the Gotham Police Department. From street cops to Elite SWAT teams, the Henchman can help deal with enemies by taking out an opponents on Henchman arresting them on the spot once they have been dealt with, leaving Batman and his allies to focus on the bigger threats.

The Free Agent selection also has a lot of options including Swamp Thing, Talia al Ghul and even Bane. But for a real Bat and Bird combo, why not go for one of the Robins. Damien Wayne and Tim Drake both bring even more skills to the crew.

White metal kit ready to assemble and paint . Exclusive online only.

Hersteller: Knight Models

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Batman Miniature Game: Batman Arkham Origins
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