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Bolt Action: Chindits (21)

Bolt Action - Chindits (20)
Orde Wingate’s tough jungle fighters are now here! Taking the fight behind enemy lines and in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain these chaps are the epitome of British doggedness.
The Chindits were the largest allied special forces in operation during WWII. Formed from the British Indian Army as well as the British Army, these men operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma to bring the battle to the Japanese. The jungles of Burma provided plenty of hardship transforming these fighting men into some of the toughest and grizzled soldiers of their day. The models we have planned reflect the unique nature of this fighting force, as you can see here in the boxed set,

Hersteller: Warlord Games

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Bolt Action: Chindits (21)
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