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Bolt Action: German Command (4)

German Army Command

At last a splendid new Command group to lead your metal and plastic  Whermacht warriors to victory!
This splendid pack has four crucial men to make your squads perform.There are two Officers , Captain and a Lieutenant, but either can be painted with the two models.
A classic German Officer, leaning forward with a pistol outstretched, lovely!
A tough looking officer, in combat smock and tooled up with the fearsome Broom handle Mauser automatic and wooden stock.
A radio operator/forward observer who is lying down in cover whilst firing a signal flare from his Verey pistol, perhaps calling down a barrage or directing incoming Stukas...
The  brave medic, with his red cross tabard and clutching his helmet to his head and his  bag of  tools, running  to give help to the wounded that litter the battlefield.
This pack is chock full of character.

Blister pack containing 4 metal miniatures

Hersteller: Warlord Games

Best.-Nr.: WGB-WM-26

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Bolt Action: German Command (4)
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