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Chinese Federation Suppression Group


Chinese Federation Generals were the first to coin the term ‘Suppression Groups’ in military actions, and the name was initially used to describe the punishing combination of a Tian Lóng Armoured Dragon Robot and Liuxang Class Air Bombards. The Luixing Bombards prepare the ground for their larger master, sending troops running for cover from their debilitating Sonic Bombards. The Tian Lóng then engages! As a surface skimming model, the mighty amalgam of mystic science and metal may be used with any Chinese Federation forces, and the only way to describe its presence on a battlefield is terrifying. The Dragon can literally rain down destruction using Flame and Rockets before grabbing larger prey in a vice like grip that spells death to the Emperor’s enemies. When you couple these two models together it is easy to see why this boxed set is called a Suppression Group.

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Chinese Federation Suppression Group
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