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Covenant of Antarctica Colossus Armoured Support Group


Inside this box is a Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Support Group. Made up of the most fearsome armoured fighting machines, an Armoured Support Group makes a worthy addition to any Armoured Force. The enormous Mobile Airfield and its supporting Orpheus Drone Controllers are able to fill the sky above with dozens of flying drones - fast and versatile they can be used to obliterate the enemy, or keep your own forces safe and sound. This box also brings a squadron of Colossus Class Small Robots. Working as a coordinated pack, they are able to use their long range energy guns to assist your effort for dominance on the battlefield.
Contains: 1 x Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield, 3 x Orpheus Class Drone Controllers, 9 x Tiny Flyer Tokens and 4 x Colossus Class Small Robots. Models unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

Best.-Nr.: SGDWCA44

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Covenant of Antarctica Colossus Armoured Support Group
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