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Descent 2nd: Crusade of the Forgotten - Hero and Monster Col

Following in the footsteps of other Hero and Monster Collections, this expansion collects four heroes and three monster groups from the first edition of Descent for a total of thirteen plastic figures. These heroes and monsters feature reworked artwork and models, bringing them in line with the aesthetic of the second edition.
As the cult of the Forgotten once more threatens Terrinoth, four eager adventurers pledge to exterminate its threat: the vigilante warrior Tahlia, the deadly assassin Tetherys, the brilliant mage Astarra, and the supernaturally gifted Andira Runehand.
Their task will not be easy, however. The Forgotten have reappeared stronger than ever, guided by the devious overlord. In this expansion, the Forgotten are led by four sorcerers, who receive additional aid from three hideous medusae and two monstrous golems.

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Descent 2nd: Crusade of the Forgotten - Hero and Monster Col
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