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Descent 2nd: Queen Ariad Lieutenant Pack

Ariad is equally deadly in the shape of the enormous spider, Queen Ariad, and when you play the campaign from Labyrinth of Ruin, this sculpted lieutenant figure will dramatically illustrate her transformation into Queen Ariad.
Alternatively, you can summon Queen Ariad to other quests as an agent, and her Tangled Web Plot deck ensures that you can continue to deceive the heroes before luring them to a sudden and inescapable demise. Queen Ariadís Plot deck features several cards to ensnare the heroes, especially when combined with the overlordís Trap cards. Your Wilderness monsters will get boosts from Tangled Web as well, especially from the Hidden Predator card, which grants your monsters a powerful bonus whenever they attack from out of sight of the heroes. The heroes will never be sure where the next attack will come from as your monsters quickly dart in and out of sight.

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Descent 2nd: Queen Ariad Lieutenant Pack
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