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Devil´s Charge (Ardennes 80 Pages)

Welcome to the Ardennes, soldier!
Well, we’re finally here. In the past few years we’ve seen the US Army fight its way through the rocky hills of Tunisia and Sicily, painfully crawl up the boot of Italy, storm bloody Omaha Beach, and sweep across the France in what has been described as an ‘American Blitzkrieg’. Its now the end of 1944 and that same army, for all of its hard-earned victories, is at the end of its tether. Fuel and supplies are only just arriving in force, the men are exhausted, and the raw recruits are fresher than ever. For the US Army, December was a time to pause briefly to rebuild their stocks and prepare for the final drive into Germany. German Forces
There were three major pushes in the Ardennes, and Devil’s Charge focuses on the one Hitler felt was so important that he put all of his best divisions on the job. The German Sixth Army attacked the Northern Sector. It had the 1st and 12th SS-Panzer Divisions as well as the 3rd Fallschirmjäger, the 12th , 277th, and 326th Volksgrenadier Divisions. The plan was simple enough: breakthrough with the infantry and exploit with the tanks, and after a rocky start the Germans unleashed several armoured columns behind the American lines. In Peiper’s Charge, we follow two of these kampfgruppes. If you’re looking to field the infantry component, sit tight as the Volkgrenadiers are on their way! US Forces
Facing the Germans was an odd collection of experienced veterans, fresh recruits, and worn out dogfaced soldiers. For the book, I’ve chosen three representative infantry divisions caught up in those critical first hours: the 2nd, 28th, and 99th Infantry Divisions. These were by no means the only infantry divisions in the Ardennes, but their stories stood out to me. The 28th Infantry’s regiments stood against whole German armies, the 2nd Infantry was caught while on its own offensive and had to carefully retreat to safety, and the 99th stood against the odds and, together with the 2nd, fought a high risk fighting withdrawal to the Elsenborn Heights.

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Devil´s Charge (Ardennes 80 Pages)
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