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Dindrenzi Federation Planetary Defence Group


The Bastion is a typical manifestation of Dindrenzi military technology ? employing railgun weapons in a modular station built to weather the harshest of attacks, and fight fire with fire. It?s harsh, angular lines bely it?s wholly practical basis - destroying the enemy before they can fire their first shot - the enduring mantra of the Dindrenzi Navy.
This box set contains a Bastion Battle Station and a Squadron of 3 x Pilum Defence Platforms. The Pilum follows the same simple concepts as the Bastion Station and Naval ships, using standardised components and rugged construction around a single large railgun. Simple and effective, the Pilum is found in huge numbers around Dindrenzi installations and worlds ? so that the horror of Dramos is never repeated.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Dindrenzi Federation Planetary Defence Group
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