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Dindrenzi Federation Planetfall Naval Division Fleet


Dindrenzi planetary assaults are all about the alpha-strike: delivering shock and awe. Their invasion ships are designed for outer atmospheric operation, despatching their deadly payloads via drop-pods and skeleton transports. Their troop ships are studded with PD turrets over thick layered armour, and hold hundreds of drop pods. Their larger assault cruisers are little more than giant armoured hold bays of simple skeleton drop skiffs atmospheric transports with grav-resist vehicles lining their outer hulls. These skiffs are tasked with reaching low altitude, when the vehicles on the outside simply drop off, using their grav-resist to crash-brake their fall onto the battlefield.
The Legion and Castra are the spearhead of any Dindrenzi Planetfall assault, and are capable combat vessels in many ways outside of their primary role of forcing their way into a hostile planetary atmosphere. Acting as high altitude command, control and long-range artillery centres, their tell-tale cruciform shadows sow terror into all who have the misfortune to witness them.
The Scuta also lives up to its name, being the single most durable and rugged vessel in its class. With armour thick even by Dindrenzi standards, it is renowned for being one of the most survivable, but extremely uncomfortable ships in the Navy. Massive engines, drop pods and thick internal bracing mean that there is very little in the way of internal space for creature comforts.
This boxed set ships with a booklet containing information on six fleet commanders. Included in the booklet is rules for invading planets and linking forces to the Firestorm Planetfall ground game, along with sample scenarios to get players started.
Contains: 1 Legion Class Assault Carrier, 3 Castra Class Assault Cruisers, 3 x Scuta Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens, 2 Small SRS Tokens, 1 A5 scenery sheet and 1 A5 booklet. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Dindrenzi Federation Planetfall Naval Division Fleet
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