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District XXII Ward Municiple Building

The architectural designs of many of the older buildings from District XXII were built in a style reminiscent of Earth cities in the late fossil fuel age (before the Titan Wars).  ‘The Rout of Man’  had scared the collective psyche of the refugees from Earth, they had fled in their millions to the corporate colonies, bringing great civil unrest as they often outnumbered their colonial host communities. These dispossessed brought to the colonials more than a hunger to survive, they hungered for the familiar ‘Earth That Was’.  They built anew but their building styles were traditional (the Ward Municipal Building in this kit is a good examples of such buildings).

The many urban districts of Hellas-Jesserai are split into Wards, these wards have their own individual municipal services and maintain the local authorities responsible for the day to day services and civil security provided within their Sub-Wards.  All the sub-wards in an urban district are directly governed by their Warden Council.  It is usual for each ward to have many municipal buildings like this one where their administrative staff and decision making middle managers of governance along with billions of municipal record data files are situated, in close proximity to each other.  Often such an area is known as the Ward Hub, this is also where the local peace keeper barracks are located.  Normally it is the individual wards that contract out their civil peace keeping to a Peace Keeper Company, though sometimes this is dictated by the District Administratum.

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District XXII Ward Municiple Building
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