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Dropfleet Commander Core Rulebook (engl.)

This 224 page full colour book contains everything you need to immerse yourself in the war-torn void of the 27th century - a time where a resurgent mankind is battling the dreaded alien Scourge to retake its lost homelands. Vast starships clash in orbit above the Cradle Worlds, the Colonies and Earth itself, as titanic invasion forces are deployed to battle in the cities below.
This book contains the core rules for Dropfleet Commander; an orbital combat tabletop miniatures game for two or more players designed by Andy Chambers. Orbital bombardment, ground assault and mastery of the orbital layers are just as crucial as annihilating your opponent's ships! The game is scenario driven, making the capture or destruction of ground targets and space stations key to final victory.
Also included are full fleet lists for the game's four varied factions; the stalwart United Colonies of Mankind (UCM), the aggressive alien Scourge, the powerful Post Human Republic (PHR) and the highly advanced Shaltari Tribes. A wide selection of scenarios and a campaign framework for Dropfleet Commander as well as guides to integrating the game with Dropzone Commander are also built in.
The book also contains in-depth background into the forces, theatres, ships and history of this violent epoch. Captivating artwork and colourful photography complete the experience, giving context, cause and narrative to your games.
This A4 rulebook is laid out in landscape format designed to show the mighty vessels of the 27th century in full and glorious detail, and comes in a box with alternate cover art for portrait display.

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Dropfleet Commander Core Rulebook (engl.)
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