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Dropzone Commander: Ruinscape Pack

A customisable 6' x 4' Ruined Battlefield in a box
10mm Scale
Box contains:
20 x Card buildings (pre-cut, pre-folded, 20 designs, 615 micron)
24 x Card ground tiles, double sided (1'x1', 24 face designs, 380 micron)
Build a Complete Ruined Looking Urban Battlefield!
All the scenery you need for large games of DZC (6' x 4' table)
Can be built to 4' x 4' size, suitable for most standard DZC games
Double sided 1' x 1' ground tiles provide customisable surface
24 Ground tile face designs allow for thousands of combinations!
20 Different card buildings in 5 sizes - vibrant, coated finish
Pre-prepared buildings allow for fast assembly - no cutting required
Multiple sets can be combined easily to create massive game boards!
Compatible with highly detailed resin parts and free to download self-print scenery
Flat, rigid base surface recommended (e.g. tabletop, foamcore, MDF or plywood)
You can glue or tape ground tiles down once you have determined your optimum layout for maximum solidity.

Hersteller: Hawk Wargames

Best.-Nr.: DZC99005

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Dropzone Commander: Ruinscape Pack
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