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Dropzone Commander Scourge: Desolator/Overseer (1)

The Overseer works in concert with other Scourge forces much more than the Desolator, which seeds wanton destruction everywhere. The Overseer casts a web like a poisonous spider, for the rest of the Scourge force to sink their fangs into.
Bizarrely different from most Scourge units, the Overseer has no offensive weapons in the classic sense. The bulbous mounting below the flying mount does not melt flesh or metal, nor does it vaporise aircraft. Instead it has a much more insidious purpose. It houses the Air Density Cannon, a technology that is so little understood by UCM scientists that it borders on the arcane. This 'weapon' projects an area of huge air pressure and density around vehicles and ground units, effectively turning the atmosphere around an enemy into a molasses akin to liquid concrete. When targeted at a specific target it neutralises weapons, movement and any response, rendering the victim helpless.
This would be frightening enough on its own as a weapon of war. However, the Overseer can go a step further, spreading the oily-tendrils of the Air Density Cannon over a wider area. While not as cripplingly efficient, this hampers several ground units at a time, reducing any speed to a slow crawl and drastically curtailing the damage output of any weaponry.

One model per blister
Blister contains parts to build either Overseer or Desolator variants.
10mm Scale

Hersteller: Hawk Wargames

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Dropzone Commander Scourge: Desolator/Overseer (1)
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