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Dropzone Commander Shaltari: Ocelot Warstrider/Panther (1)

Panther war striders are most often seen in Shaltari forces that are aloof; those that favour long range engagements and keeping the foe at arm's length while slicing them apart piecemeal. A weapon created with this tactic in mind, the Panther distains the close support of Kukri or Birdeater AA units. Instead it uses a modifier Ocelot hull to target and destroy enemy air assets from extreme distances.
Mounted on the Panther's back is the Particle Triad, a shorter barrelled version of the Particle Cannon, but is no less devastating for that. Its tracking systems are incredibly accurate when targeting incoming support aircraft and dropships, and once locked on it will rarely miss (much less fail to cause damage). The only flaw in this precision is that the Panther's systems take longer than usual to acquire a hard lock on flyer units. This means an almost certain kill on anticipated targets becomes a much less certain one when firing opportunistically or in reaction to fast movers proving that on occasion being deliberate and aloof can lose out to more 'flexible' tactics.

One model per blister
Blister contains parts to build either Panther or Ocelot variants.
10mm Scale

Hersteller: Hawk Wargames

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Dropzone Commander Shaltari: Ocelot Warstrider/Panther (1)
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