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East India Merchant Company Naval Battle Group

The East India Merchant Company is one of the World's oldest, richest and most ruthless mercantile powers. Holding a near monopoly over the Eastern trade routes they are determined to stamp out any potential rivals and will fight hard to protect their business interests. Over time the EIMC has developed a powerful, and extremely flexible, fleet of vessels and now finds itself not only shipping goods around the world, but hiring out its vessels of war to safeguard passage. Depending upon the severity, or importance of a trade route, it is not uncommon to see Squadrons of EIMC ships sitting amongst the fleets of the world's various nations.
Contains: 1 Athea Class Pocket Battleship, 1 Forbes Class Support Blimp, 3 Griffon Class Cruisers, 8 Syera Class Escort Frigates and 10 Tiny Flyer Tokens. Models unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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East India Merchant Company Naval Battle Group
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