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Federated States of America Armoured Battle Group v2.0


Speed and aggression are the key tenets of FSA land warfare tactics. Philadelphia and Tennessee Land Ships lead the charge with all guns blazing. Jackson Medium and Reno Heavy Tanks cut a swathe through an enemy already pinned in place by the deadly rockets of the Yorktown Bombards. If any foe survives this onslaught then the combined close range power of Defiance Robots, Pioneer Small Tanks and Infantry and Aerial support will easily finish the job.
Contents: 1 x Philadelphia Land Ship, 1 x Tennessee Land Ship, 3 x Yorktown Medium Bombard, 3 x Jackson Medium Tank, 3 x Reno Heavy Tank, 4 x Defiance Small Robot, 5 x Pioneer Small Tank, 2 x Line Infantry Token, 10 x SAS Token, 2 x SAW Movement Tray, 6 x 7mm Dice, 3 x A5 Token and Template Sheets, 1 x TAC Deck

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Federated States of America Armoured Battle Group v2.0
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