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Federated States of America Restitution Battle Robot


The original brief for this giant robot of doom was as a flyer, but despite their best efforts the scientific minds of the FSA couldn’t make the Restitution fly. But they did manage to get it to become a Surface Skimmer. This machine spells the demise of any enemy that stands before it, with the ability to outfit it with arm-mounted Cannons or a crushing Carter-Rocket Hammer. Just choose your weapon or choice and smash away. The Restitution crews are known to be mavericks, and know little fear... meaning they are unlikely to follow the orders of their overall commanders, and so cannot gain the benefits of any Tactical Action Cards. But who needs cards when you can just blow your enemies away!? Can be assembled on a scenic ground or water base.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Federated States of America Restitution Battle Robot
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