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Firestorm Armada: Hawker Industries Carrier Group


The Regent represents a transition for Hawker Industries, being a hybrid of commercial and purpose-built military vehicles. Instantly recognisable as a Hawker ship, the Regent was conceived as a flexible design from the outset, and has the capacity to be further reinforced to Battleship-levels, carry nuclear weapons or even a sophisticated AI hacking suite. It is a solid and dependable vessel which is starting to become more common in fleet actions across the Storm Zone, often accompanied by the trusted Resolute Cruiser or the aptly named Stalwart Escort. Its chiselled, blocky structure give a clue to its durability, and is welcomed by SRS pilots across the Terran Alliance as a welcome safe haven.
The Stalwart started life as a luxury cruise ship for the ultra-rich, but as the war dried this market up, Hawker saw another potential market emerge. As safety was paramount to their top customers, the hull was already incredibly resistant, and by strengthening this and adding thick slabs of armour and enhanced weapon systems, the Stalwart was born. Originally planned to carry a small shield generator, it was simply deemed unnecessary given its strength the Stalwart is now selling in record numbers, and can be seen protecting Capital ships on front lines from Desault to Equinox.
Contains: 1 Regent Class Carrier, 3 Stalwart Class Escorts, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Firestorm Armada: Hawker Industries Carrier Group
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