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Firestorm Armada Token Set

Firestorm Armada is a fast paced, exciting tabletop game of spaceship combat set in a deadly distant future. Large fleets of highly advanced warships clash in the depths of space, as conflict erupts throughout the galactic sector. The Firestorm Armada Token Set contains 52 coloured acrylic tokens to help you denote the array of battlefield impacts in your tabletop battles. Though not essential to your games of Firestorm Armada, they are a must-have for any collector or those who want to upgrade their card tokens.
Contains: 2 Fire Control Offline Tokens, 2 Main Drive Failure Tokens, 1 Security in Disarray Token, 1 PD Network Disrupted Token, 1 Shield Overload Token, 3 Mine Markers, 1 Captured Marker, 1 Objective Marker, 1 Hidden Set-Up Marker, 1 Admiral’s Vessel Token, 2 Assault Launched Tokens, 1 Retractable Plating Token, 2 Belly Up Markers, 1 Full Stop Marker, 2 Sector Shielding Tokens, 1 FSD Marker, 2 Cloak Active Tokens, 2 Corroded Tokens, 2 Arc Impeded Tokens, 2 Half Move Tokens, 2 Disordered Markers, 3 Hazard Markers, 16 Hull Damage/Crew Loss Tokens and 52 Token Stands.

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Firestorm Armada Token Set
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