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Firestorm Armada: Xelocian Patrol Fleet


The Xelocian Imperium was, by all records, an ancient interstellar power of great wealth in the distant galactic west, but a cataclysmic event in its home system has left this race as a nomadic people, roaming the stars. Survival is critical to this race and, as such, the military commanders, who have been tasked with protecting the fleetís giant World-Ship, have turned their naval vessels into pure weapons of blunt force trauma. This race favours Beam Weaponry and vessels commonly utilise Energy Transfer to improve firing options. Corrosive weaponry upgrades are commonplace amongst fleet commanders, and any
enemy looking to engage the World-Ship will face a stubborn and determined defender. Contains: 1 Kindartu Class Battleship, 4 Tindaku Class Cruisers, 5 Shaniri Class Frigates, 1 Large SRS Token, 1 Small SRS Token and 1 TAC Deck. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Hersteller: Spartan Games

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Firestorm Armada: Xelocian Patrol Fleet
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