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Flames of War BR: A30 Challenger

In 1941, the British General Staff began examining the feasibility of mounting a high velocity gun into infantry and cruiser tanks. The need arose from experiences against the Afrika Corp during the campaign in the Western Desert and the requirement for a gun capable of knocking out any known German armoured fighting vehicle.
First attempts in fitting the 17pdr gun to an A27 chassis proved unsuccessful, as the width of the hull proved too narrow to accommodate a turret big enough to house the 17pdr gun. This led to the development of the A30, which closely resembled the A27 but with an increase in chassis length and a widening of the hull. An extra road wheel was also added to compensate for the increase in weight.

The A30 was based as many Cromwell components as possible and mechanically it was almost identical, featuring the same Rolls-Royce Meteor engine as the Cromwell and was developed by BRCW. The development of the turret to house the 17pdr was entrusted to Stothert & Pitt, a firm that normally specialised in the manufacturing of large cranes and was derived from the turret they had tested on the TOG 2.

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Flames of War BR: A30 Challenger
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