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Flames of War BR: Airborne 17pdr Gun Tow (x2 Resin)

The Morris C8 Artillery tractor originated from the Morris C8 Quad, artillery tractor designed for towing the 25 pdr gun and limber. Unlike the standard Quad the C8/AT didn’t have the fully enclosed body, but rather a flat rear deck and no cab covering. Though it could raise a canvas tilt to cover the rear and front seats in inclement weather.

The C8/AT was originally designed to be a portee vehicle for light anti-tank guns such as the 2pdr, but later in the war it was converted to the anti-tank tractor role.

In 1943 the C8/AT tractor was cut down to the bare essentials for transportation in a Hamilcar glider, to be used as a towing vehicle for the 17pdr anti tank gun.

However, the airborne version was also widely used as the standard soft skin tractor for the 17pdr.

The cut-down C8/AT could carry eight gun crew.

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Flames of War BR: Airborne 17pdr Gun Tow (x2 Resin)
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