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Flames of War BR: Airborne Jeep (2x Resin)

The British Airlanding troops had a number of heavier support weapons that were just too bulky to be moved about by their crews with any speed. To overcome this the US Jeep was used as the tow vehicle for the 6pdr gun, M1A1 75mm pack howitzer and as a Recce vehicle. It had to be lightened and modified to fit into a Horsa glider.

The steering wheel was made detachable. The front bumper had the left side cut short back to the chassis brackets, with the opposite side often shortened to maintain symmetry. The remaining bumper was reinforced and a towing hook was added for towing or pushing. The handles and other additional equipment that protruded beyond the body of the Jeep side were removed. The right footboard was removed to easy the entry and exit out of the Horsa. Tool brackets were moved to the front bumper. The jerry can mounting was moved from the rear to a position between the two front seats. A further two mountings were positioned behind the front seats.

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Flames of War BR: Airborne Jeep (2x Resin)
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