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Flames of War BR: Churchill ARV

During World War Two the Churchill proved to be a mainstay in British armoured units. Throughout the war it was continually refined and upgraded to keep pace with a constantly changing battlefield. Some of the more famous variants of the Churchill included the infamous Churchill Crocodile and the Churchill ARVE series that made the D-Day landing successful.
The Churchill was also adapted to fill the need for an ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle). The chassis of the Churchill Mk I and Mk II had the turret removed to allow more space to store supplies and a was fitted with a demountable A-frame jib on either the front or rear of the vehicle. The resulting vehicle, produced from February 1942 was designated the Churchill ARV Mk I.
Other versions of the Churchill chassis were also used to later in the war and used to create the Churchill ARV Mk II. Produced in 1944, the chassis of the Churchill III and IV were fitted with a box-like structure and dummy gun. This version also featured the detachable A-frame jib in addition an earth spade at the rear of the vehicle and a winch capable of pulling 25 tons. These vehicles remained in service for the remainder of the war and for many years after.

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Flames of War BR: Churchill ARV
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