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Flames of War BR: Commando Platoon

Both the Army and Royal Marine Commandos played an important role in the landings on D-Day. They were given tasks that require more initiative and took advantage of their unique skills. For example between Juno and Sword beaches lay offshore shoals that prevented direct landings and leaving a gap.

To overcome this two Royal Marine (RM) Commandos were tasked with linking the two beaches on landing. No. 48 RM Commando would advance from Juno beaches flank and No. 41 RM Commando from the opposite flank of Sword beach.

Pack Contents

The Commando Platoon pack contains enough miniatures to make six Commando Rifle/MG teams, one Command Rifle/MG team, one Command Rifle team for the Company HQ, one PIAT team and one Light Mortar team. It also includes SMG armed miniatures for upgrading a section.

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Flames of War BR: Commando Platoon
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