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Flames of War BR: Company HQ

Company HQ (BR721)

The Company Command it the control centre of your British Rifle or Motor Company, providing inspirational leadership or calculating intelligence and direction as the battle situation dictates.
The company commander is a Major commanding either the 'Poor Bloody Infantry" of the Rifle Company or rifleman of the Motor Company and can call on all manner of supporting weapons and platoons.

However the core of the Company HQ is simple, just the Major, his number two and command staff. The Motor Company can also call on a Mortar Section of 3" Mortars to support the company under his direct control.
In Flames Of War

The pack comes with the Company Command team, the 2iC Command team and a spare Command team that can be used for additional Weapons or Support platoon such as the Anti-tank Platoon. Also included for the Motor Company are two 3" Mortars and crew.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

Hersteller: Battlefront

Best.-Nr.: FLBR721

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Flames of War BR: Company HQ
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