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Flames of War BR: Defrocked Priest (2x)

By the end of July 1944 the US were running into shortages of 105mm howitzer ammunition and requested that British and Canadian forces stop using the 105mm armed M7 Priest to help alleviate the shortages. This left British and Canadian forces with substantial numbers of M7 Priest no longer in use, the British and Canadians having replaced them with either the 25pdr armed Sexton or towed 25 pdr guns.

Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds, commander of the II Canadian Corps, devised a way of utilising these spare vehicles as troop carriers as a way giving transport to advancing infantry and reducing infantry losses with armoured protection.
On 31 July the commander of the Mechanical Engineers, 1st Canadian Army, Brigadier G.M. Grant was given the task of organising the conversion of the M7 Priests to armoured personnel carriers.

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Flames of War BR: Defrocked Priest (2x)
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