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Flames of War BR: Mortar Platoon Platoon (3 Sections, Rifle & Motor Company)

Mortar Platoon (Late) (BR725)
ML 3" Mk II mortar

The British continued into the late war using the 3" Mortar. The British 3" Mortar was a further development of the Stokes Trench Mortar used with great success during WWI.

After a brief period of being replaced in the field in the 1920s by the 3.7" pack howitzer in the support role, the cost and manpower benefits of a mortar won out, and the mortar was re-instated.

Post World War One mortars all owe their basic design to the Stokes, and its direct descendent was no different.

It fired a fin-stabilised bomb by means of a charge in the tail of the projectile.

Dropping the bomb down the tube fired it; the primer was struck setting off the charge and propelling the bomb back out.
The first model could only reach a range of 1600 yards, but by strengthening the barrel and increasing the charge the bomb could be launched up to 2800 yards.
The improved model was christened the Mark 2 and was pressed into service.

It served with British, Australian, Canadians, South African, New Zealand and Indian mortar platoons.

In Flames Of War

A Mortar platoon offers an excellent and cheap weapons platoon to back up your Rifle Company.

They don't have the same firepower and anti-tank of heavier artillery, but they are just as devastating when they catch enemy infantry and guns in the open.

Improvements in ammunition and designed allowed the British 3" Mortar to catch up to the mark set by other nations mortars by the late war so it has the same range (40"/100cm). It has a FP 6 as artillery and can fire smoke. Being Man-packed means it is easy to move and can keep pace with the riflemen.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

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Flames of War BR: Mortar Platoon Platoon (3 Sections, Rifle & Motor Company)
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