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Flames of War BR: Motor/Pioneer Platoon

Motor PlatoonThe famous British Rifles were the obvious choice for the role of daring motorised infantry. They have proved invaluable during the mobile battles of the desert, and now the last hurdle is Hitler’s grip on Europe. Their mobility becomes even more important as the British Army go about finally putting Jerry back in his place.
New lend-lease equipment has provided armoured protection, allowing the Riflemen to carry the fight to the enemy more readily. The riflemen’s new transport is the lend-lease M5 half-track made by International Harvester in the States. This provides them with protection from Jerry small arms fire.
They don’t have the vehicle-mounted machine-guns of their American counter-parts—the war ministry has found other uses for those—however the riflemen are furnished with ample Bren light machine-guns. This gives them remarkable firepower for such a small unit.

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Flames of War BR: Motor/Pioneer Platoon
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