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Flames of War BR: Rifle Platoon (3 Squads, Rifle Company)

Rifle Platoon (Late) (BR722)

The Rifle Platoons are the backbone of the British army. They are always in the thick of the fighting and can always be relied on to hold the line when the glory boys of the Armoured Division have pushed the enemy back.

The new British late war miniatures are in the later 'turtle' or MK III pattern steel helmet introduced in 1944. It offered better protection from the side and rear against shrapnel and other flying debris.

More about British Infantry weapons...

In Flames Of War

As well as providing the core of Combat Platoons for the British Rifle Company, the Rifle Platoon can also be found supporting a number of other British Companies.

They are Rifle/MG teams armed with No. 4 rifles and a Bren gun in each squad two teams. They also have additional firepower provided by a Light Mortar team and a PIAT team for anti-tank work.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War BR: Rifle Platoon (3 Squads, Rifle Company)
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