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Flames of War BR: Staghound (with AA option)

From 1940 the British Tank Mission in the United States was responsible for obtaining US armoured vehicles, at first by purchase, and later by Lend-Lease. The T17 was a joint project designed to suit both British and American operational requirements.
In July 1941 it had become apparent to the British Ordnance Committee, from its experience in North Africa, that there was a need for medium and heavy armoured cars.  Both Ford and Chevrolet bid on the US ordnance Departments specifications of a medium armoured car with all-wheel drive and a 37mm main armament in a fully rotating turret. Ford designed a 6x6 prototype which was designated the T17 Deerhound. Chevrolet designed a 4x4 model designated the T17E1 Staghound.

Both variants were tested and the contract was given to Chevrolet. 2000 were ordered to be produced in Jan 1942, with Britain requesting just 300 vehicles. In April that number was raised to 1,500 as needs were increased.

The first staghound rolled off the production line in October 1942, by the year’s end only 157 had been completed. At this time the US Special Armoured Vehicle Board decided that the US didn’t need an armoured car in this size and decided to adopt the lighter M8 Greyhound vehicle instead.
The 250 Units that had been produced for the US were disarmed and given to the US Military Police.

All production went to Britain and a total of 2,687 vehicles were produced and delivered by the end of December 1943. 1000 AA versions of the Staghound were also requested but only 789 were delivered by the time production was stopped in April 1944. This variant was designated the T17E2.

During its years in combat the staghound T17E1 had several variants.

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Flames of War BR: Staghound (with AA option)
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