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Flames of War BR: Tetrarch Light Tank

The Tetrarch tank was originally designed as a replacement for the Light Tank Mk VI. Like its predecessor it was built and designed by Vickers Armstrong, with design work starting in 1937. On completion it went into trials in 1938 and was accepted into service with the British army, but not immediately into the light tank role.

Production started in the middle of 1940 and first deliveries took place in November. Production was continuous (though delayed by bombing of the Metro-Cammell works) and ceased in the first quarter of 1942. The Army decided to accept the limited number of Tetrarchs available and rely on American production of the Locust to fulfil future needs.

It was armed with a 2pdr gun with a coaxial machine-gun in it’s turret. The turret was actually the same as that used by the Daimler Armoured Car. Some vehicles were fitted with an additional drum fuel tank on the engine deck rear. Some vehicles were also fitted with the Littlejohn adaptor, an addition to increase the muzzle velocity of the 2pdr to give it better anti-tank performance. Some Tetrarch light tanks were armed with a 3” howitzer for close support work.

It used a skid steering system that involved pivoting the wheels to make the tracks flex and the centre wheels would move in or out to bow the track. It was controlled by a steering wheel. However, if the driver needed to execute a very sharp turn, he could use either of 2 levers to apply the brakes.

It first saw combat during the invasion of Madagascar, supporting the invasion to retake this French colony in May 1942.

Three Special Service Squadrons of tanks were formed in 1942; the third of these became the Airborne Light Tank Squadron RAC and joined the 1st Airborne Division. When the 1st Airborne Division’s Recce Squadrons went to Africa the Airborne Light Tank Squadron was transferred to the newly formed 6th Airborne Division.

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Flames of War BR: Tetrarch Light Tank
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