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Flames of War BR: Wasp (x3)

Flame-throwers pose many risks to the operator. They are heavy and impair mobility, they are highly visible when fired, and the operators were often targets of reprisals and rarely survived to be taken prisoner. A Flame-thrower's effective range is short in comparison with that of other battlefield firearms meaning the operators would often have to get close to targets exposing themselves to close range enemy fire.

One way to minimize the disadvantages of flame-throwers was to mount them on armoured vehicles. The British and Canadians fielded the Wasp (a Universal Carrier mounting a flame-thrower) beginning in mid 1944.
The inception of the Wasp began as early as 1940. The British decided to develop a flame-thrower that could be mounted on a Universal Carrier. The gas-pressure-operated Ronson flame-thrower was selected. The British soon decided that the initial design with external mounted fuel tanks would be vulnerable to fire and it was decided to redesign it.

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Flames of War BR: Wasp (x3)
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