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Flames of War GE: 15cm siG33 Gun (x2) (late)

The 15cm siG33 gun has been a reliable infantry gun for many years, and it will continue to lend its devastating fire support to our troops!
The gun entered service in 1933 and proved valuable in the early months of the war. The 15cm artillery could be used to clear enemy bunkers and trenches. It was particularly efficient at levelling enemy occupied buildings, making it a great asset to urban pacification.

In Flames Of War
The 15cm siG33 infantry gun is a powerful addition to German infantry companies. With Anti-tank 13 and Firepower 1+, it will devestate hapless enemy tanks. It it also a Bunker Buster and will help clear enemy bunkers and fortified buildings. The gun can also deliver a template that will inflict an Anti-tank 4, Firepower 2+ bombardment.
Painted by Jeremy Painter
Sculpted by Evan Allen

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War GE: 15cm siG33 Gun (x2) (late)
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