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Flames of War GE: 78th Sturm Pioneer Platoon

Army Group Centre had plenty of time to prepare for the Soviet assault in the summer of 1944. Across the front German infantry divisions dug-in using trench works, minefields, barbed wire, anti-tank obstacles and such. 

The industrious pioneers did the majority of the work as they set about sighting gun pits and interlocking fields of fire to stem in the inevitable tide.
The defensive works were many layers deep connected by communication trenches. Wire and mines were used to slow the advance and thin out the Soviet troops as they closed with the trenches. The pioneers also fortified towns into a series of “Festerplatz” by digging anti-tank ditches into the streets, setting booby-traps and reinforcing buildings into bunkers.  

Once the preparations were complete, the pioneers settled into their positions to await the enemy with piles of tank-hunting equipment, flame-throwers and Goliath demolition carriers.  

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Flames of War GE: 78th Sturm Pioneer Platoon
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