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Flames of War GE: Fallschirmjäger Platoon (with Pioneers)

The Fallschirmjäger made the first airborne infantry assaults in history. In 1940 in Western Europe they were used to take strategic positions with parachute and glider assaults.
In 1941 they stormed the island of Crete in the biggest military airborne operation to that point. The Luftwaffe created the Fallschirmjäger in 1936 after General Kurt Student observed Soviet airborne troop exercises in 1935, and Student became their commander. Initially the formations started as a single battalion and grew quickly to a division by 1938.

Only the best volunteers were selected for the Fallschirmjäger, and then these enthusiastic and intelligent volunteers were put through a vigorous training regime. New techniques and tactics were put into practice between 1936 and 1940.

The Fallschirmjäger further developed the static line to guarantee chute opening and allowing the Fallschirmjäger to jump from lower altitudes to avoid heavy enemy fire. 

In 1940 the first test of their mettle came with the invasions of Denmark and Norway where they were used to take key airfields to allow the safe landing of German ground troops. They went from strength to strength and later in 1940 took the Belgium fortress Eben Emael by surprise.
Crete was next, an operation involving three complete divisions dropped or transported by air. Crete was taken successfully, but the price was high and no further major airborne operations were conducted for the remainder of the war. It was not the end of the Fallschirmjäger’s war however, as minor airborne operations continued in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy from 1942-43.

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Flames of War GE: Fallschirmjäger Platoon (with Pioneers)
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