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Flames of War GE: Fallschirmjagerkompanie Pioneers

Time and again the Fallschirmjäger proved themselves in battle despite the circumstances they were up against. If a break in the line was imminent or a gap needed to be filled the Germans would send in the Fallschirmjäger or better still their Fallschirmpionier.
A company of Fallschirmpionier could be counted on to hold any objective. Few forces without overwhelming odds have a chance in rooting them out once they are determined to stay.

In Flames of War

Fallschirmpionier troops are ready to lend it supply trucks to help your paratroopers dig in, or to deploy fortification such as a mine field or barbed wire. 

Pioneer teams are rated as Tank Assault 4.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Hersteller: Battlefront

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Flames of War GE: Fallschirmjagerkompanie Pioneers
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