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Flames of War GE: Flames of War GE: Jagdpanzer IV

Sd Kfz 162 Sturmgeschütz neuer Art mit 7.5 cm StuK40 L/48 auf Fahrgestell PzKpfw IV

Conceived in 1942 as a replacement for the StuG assault gun the Jagdpanzer IV was a tank-hunter/assault gun based on the Panzer IV chassis.

It earned the disapproval of Heinz Guderian, inspector general of Panzertruppen, as he objected against the seemingly needless diversion of resources from Panzer IV tank production. Guderian considered the StuG III and IV more than adequate in this role. This difference of opinion spawned the nickname "Guderian's Duck" for the Jagdpanzer IV variants.

However, the main aim of the design was to improve both the armour and hitting power of the Sturmgeschütz vehicles. The desire was for a vehicle with a frontal armour of 100 mm and armed with the excellent 7.5 cm L/70 gun (as found on the Panther).

In September 1943 Adolf Hitler was shown a wooden mock-up of the Jagdpanzer IV.

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Flames of War GE: Flames of War GE: Jagdpanzer IV
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