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Flames of War GE: Flames of War GE: Sd Kfz 250/7D (late, 8cm)

Sd Kfz 250/7 Neu leichte Schützenpanzerwagen (schwerer Granatwerfer)

The Sd Kfz 250/7 Neu was the last production model of the mortar carrier variant of the Sd Kfz 250 as used by the Aufklarungsschwadron of the Panzerdivisions. It was issued to the forth platoon of Aufklärungskompanies, which provided the weapons support to the rest of the battalion.
The 8cm Granatwerfer 34 mortar it carried was used to support the other platoons in action with indirect fire. An MG34 or MG42 completed the armament of the half-track. It carried up to 42 rounds of mortar ammunition.

Sd Kfz 250 was based on the Sd Kfz 10 Type D7 which fitted an armoured superstructure to the existing frame and utilize the same engine. The Sd Kfz 250/7 was one 12 versions designed to fill various roles.
In 1943 the Sd Kfz armoured superstructure was redesigned to speed up production by reducing the number of angles and armoured plates required. The new model was referred to as Neu (New).
The Sd Kfz 250/7 Munitionsfahrzeug ammunition transporter was also used without the mortar fitted. It carried 66 rounds for the 8cm mortar.

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Flames of War GE: Flames of War GE: Sd Kfz 250/7D (late, 8cm)
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