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Flames of War GE: Krupp Kfz 70 Truck x 2

Krupp ‘Protze’ L2H143

The Krupp Kfz 70 truck, commonly known at the Krupp ‘Protze’ was an import vehicle in the German armies of 1939 and 40. This six-wheeled truck was used for transporting the Schützen motorised infantry of the Panzer divisions. It was also used to carry their support weapon and called into action as a gun artillery tractor.
The Krupp ‘Protze’ truck was powered by a 60 hp Krupp M304 4-cylinder engine. This vehicle was extensively used Poland, France and during the North African campaign. The Protze was of simple design, and was mass-produced between 1933 and 1942. A total of about 7000 were made. It was also exported to Hungary.

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Flames of War GE: Krupp Kfz 70 Truck x 2
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