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Flames of War GE: Motar Platoon (late)

The 8cm Granatwerfer 34 (GW34, meaning grenade launcher model 1934) was a pretty standard medium mortar. Mortar crews from other nations would find nothing strange or unusual about it.
However, it was the single most lethal weapon at the disposal of the German Grenadier battalion commander. German mortar crews gained almost mythic status among ally and enemy alike for their effectiveness.
Their reputation was boosted by the fact they had more opportunity to engage targets. It wasn't that British and American crews were inferior, but by mid-war the Germans were on the defensive everywhere. That meant they were static while their opponents were advancing to contact, exposed to enemy fire. German mortar crews had ample experience to perfect this lethal trade.
The 8cm was carried by horse and cart, or simply by the crew in Grenadier units, and trucks and field cars in motorised Panzergrenadier units.
8cm mortar (Granatwerfer 34)
Length: 114 cm
Weight: Barrel 18.5 kg, Bipod 18.3 kg, Base 18.9 kg, Total approx 56 kg
Range: 2400 metres
Elevation: + 40 to + 90 degrees
Traverse: 9 to 15 degrees
Bombs: Smoke, Explosive, Illuminating
Bomb weight: 3.5kg

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Flames of War GE: Motar Platoon (late)
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