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Flames of War GE: Pioneer Platoon (late)

While the Soviets built up to Operation Bagration German commanders set to organizing their defensive line. The Pioneer battalions all along the front were tasked with designing the intricate lines upon lines of fortifications.

When the fight finally did come, the Pioneers were tasked with defending against the heavy assault guns and tanks.
When it comes to digging in, no German platoon is better equipped than the Pioneer platoon. Armed with rifles, machine-guns, shovels, picks and plenty of explosives, the Pioneers are ready for their next assignment. 

In a pinch they are well armed with explosives (Tank Assault 4) and flamethrowers to take on the enemy’s tanks and bunkers.

Pack includes:
6x Pioneer teams
1x Pioneer Command team

Sculpted by Seth Nash
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Well-trained, equipped and experienced, the Pioneers are as adept at building defences as they are at leading the counterattacking against the Bolscheviks with their devastating flame-throwers.
Blister           Unit Size: 1              Stalin,s Onslaught pg. 60

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Flames of War GE: Pioneer Platoon (late)
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