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Flames of War GE: S307 Reihenwerfer

Baustab Becker (Major Becker’s engineering workshop) invented a unique infantry support weapon in its Reihenwerfer (rack mortar, pronounced rie-en-vairr-ferr), an array of 16 mortars. The mortars are all linked together and aimed at the same target. A simple arrangement holds the mortar bombs as they are loaded, then releases them together when they are fired.
Weight: 8 tons (estimated)
Crew: 3
Speed: 20 mph/31 km/h
Engine: SOMUA 80 hp
Armament: 16x 8cm Brandt mortars, MG 42
Armour: 1/2”/13mm (approximate)

In Flames Of War

Even thought the Reihenwerfer is a racked bank of mortars it fires using the Rocket Launcher rules in Flames Of War (page 131). However, the S307(f) Reihenwerfer half-tracks do not create smoke trails and do not suffer from the Fire in the Sky rule.

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Flames of War GE: S307 Reihenwerfer
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