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Flames of War GE: SS Mortars (6 Mortars)

The battalion mortars are ready to lend immediate mortar support to your SS-Panzergrenadiers. With six mortars available, you will be able to harass the enemy until the time is right to attack!

The 8cm mortar has been a great asset to the infantry over the past few years. The small, portable weapons are able to place enough fire over the heads of the enemy to keep them pinned in their holes.

This new pack features SS crew in SS-camouflage smocks to supplement the packs already available with the GE725 with Heer crew and GE765 with Fallschirmjäger crew.

This pack contains six 8cm GW34 mortars, 18 crew, three command, and six observer miniatures, and six medium and four small bases, ready for ground mounting.

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Flames of War GE: SS Mortars (6 Mortars)
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